Education over gender

I’ve witnessed many firsts in recent times, but this one makes me immensely proud. All the best #Sridevi, and kudos to #mumbaiuniversity

And, as always thank you #timesofindia for this lovely piece.


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Woo-hoo, another victorious chapter!

My Sunday morning was brightened by this awesome piece of news. Way to go champ, I will be rooting for you! Thank you #timesofindia for this lovely surprise.


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Fearless Love

This life is too short to settle for the ordinary. If you haven’t experienced the extraordinary, the crazy, then you have missed out on what life has to offer. Love is supposed to consume you and make you go crazy. If this isn’t what you have, then I suggest keep looking.

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Love lessons

Forcing anything can’t be good. Isn’t it? I mean if forcing food down your throat is a bad idea then the same principle applies to love as well. True and pure love isn’t forced and if it is forced then it isn’t love.


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Online Dating Wonder

Do you think the moment you create a profile online you will be flooded with responses? Patience is the key, honey. The world of online dating is as complex as the offline one. Wait for your turn. Someone somewhere is surely made for you.


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Relationship Milestones

Whether it is an age old marriage or a new relationship all couples go through their set of struggles. But, those of a newly married couple trying to build a home and growing can sometimes be adorable. Here is the story of one such couple that will make your heart melt too.

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Got you

Has it ever happened to you that you tried to crack a joke and it backfired? Sometimes you don’t even realize, but the joke may just be on you, buddy. Best way to deal with it is to be a sport 😉


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